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"The Most Complete Guitar Course to Know Your Guitar From A-to-Z and be able to Flow in

and out of ANY Style of Music and any Chord Progression ON-DEMAND, AT-WILL and Off-the-Cuff"

Finally! Learn Every Lick, Every Solo and KNOW Exactly

What's Being Played, Where's it's Being Played and Most

Importantly, The Delicate Details of EVERY NOTE!

I’m so happy to WELCOME you to a BRAND NEW beginning to a FRESH understanding, and for me, being able to deliver more “meaty”, higher quality and superior lessons in MUCH less time than before…


Well guys, here we are! This has taken me a FULL YEAR to put together literally EVERYTHING

I've learned in my 25 Years as the #1 most-booked and highest paid guitarist in 7 surrounding

states around Ohio... Not to mention in the last decade, becoming the most successful teacher

in over 67 Countries for Country, Blues, Rock and a Fusion of...


In Pillar 1

I show you the COMPLETE framework and the entire system around the fretboard... The Top-To-Bottom, Front-To-Back structure of the guitar neck including ALL the shapes and scales that you need to know.


The ONLY scales that create THE SOUND of Country, Blues, Southern and Classic Rock with a pinch of Jazz thrown in for good measure.


In Pillar 2

we explore the millions of possibilities to CONNECT the structure and framework - The actual methods and physical ways to get around and understand soloing IN FULL.


Actual Solos and strategic patterns that give you the FULL knowledge of the WHOLE system.


In Pillar 3

LOOKS and SOUNDS similar to Pillar 2 with EVEN MORE SOLOS and BETTER Licks -BUT we explore and discover your voice -your phrasing abilities are going to NEW and unbelievable heights today!!



This is ALL about how to SAY what you want to say and

the infinite ways to say it through PHRASING!


That’s what I set out to do! To create a FULL structure and a complete-method that anyone from intermediate to pro can use to express himself through his guitar MUCH faster and less confusing!


To REALLY, once and for ALL, take away the mystery and puzzle of playing lead, flowing in and out of chord changes, JAMMING off the cuff, and playing a variety of styles at-will and ON-DEMAND!


In this LANDMARK Program, you're going to learn EXACTLY HOW to take your Rhythm,

Lead and Soloing Approach To Stratospheric Levels!





Here's just a TINY bit of what we'll cover in complete detail:


• You'll Get Over 16 (and growing) Complete MODULES LOADED Full of Videos

Playing Over All Kinds of Your Favorite Styles of Songs


• The BEST-Kept Insider Secrets on Soloing Never Even Talked About Before

in ANY Guitar Study


• Super SLOW Video Versions of Each and Every Lick and Solo


• How to Create a Melody When There Isn't One


Aggressive Phrasing By Adding Octaves and Double Stops


• Perfect Mixtures of Melody Plus Embellished Melody


• When To Completely Abandon The Melody


Rhythmic Phrasing with Repetitive Phrasing


• How to Create INSTANT Drama in Your Soloing


• Beautiful and Tasteful Slow Ballad Solos


• The Johnny Hiland, Doug Seven High-Low Method IN ACTION


• Using Chord-Phrasing in The Right Places


How to Create Double-TAP-Delays That You Hear on Albert Lee,

Ricky Skaggs and The Hellecasters Cd's Etc. (without the tap-delay pedal!)


• Solos and lessons are based on POWERFUL and Extremely overlooked

(and NEVER Taught Before) concepts for phrasing and soloing.


• You'll Know Exactly When To Use EACH Technique in Your Solos


• I lay out a perfect recipe and sequence for, not just playing killer solos, but

entire full-song instrumentals!



You'll Learn Over 100 Phrasing Techniques

Over The Weekend!


Click Below Now To Get ALL 16 VIDEO MODULES Jam Packed With TONS of SOLOS Played

Over Your Most Favorite FULL SONG Backing Tracks In ALL Your Favorite Styles Including;


Vince Gill Beautiful Ballads Plus His Upbeat Style Songs


Killer Jazzy/Blues Tracks BEST For Those "Long-Winded JAMS"


• Merle Haggard's Fast Chicken Pickin' Tracks


• Plus Some Tasteful, Slow Love Songs of 'The Hag'


• FUNKY Waylon Half-Time Grooves -JAM For hours!


• Fast and Busy Stevie Ray Blues Songs


• An EXTRA 35 Real Band, Professionally Made Studio Backing Tracks!


• All Tracks Will Come in 3 Different Keys For You To Play Over


• You'll Get The Tracks with Doug's Solos and Also The Tracks Without Guitar


• Every Single Example Perfectly and Professionally Tabbed


And, the testimonials just keep pouring in... The 3 Pillars of The Soloing System is more than what I HOPED it would be.


It took me over 20 years to know the things I know about the guitar.


In just over a year, I've created and recorded many short, 5 to 17 minute videos and tools that strategically outlines the most POWERFUL and SIMPLE system that breaks down ALL of the

concepts and techniques that will MAKE YOU understand and approach the WHOLE guitar

in a way that you NEVER thought you would...


And... The results are pouring in.


This elegant and simple system FULLY outlines and

compresses over 25 YEARS of experience!


You would think 20 years of guitar knowledge being carefully organized and delivered to YOU in an EASY to consume and implement program like this would cost you $1,000's of Dollars. IT DID cost me thousands in time, music gear, and buying 100's of CD's to swipe from.


There's simply NO WAY to calculate the VALUE of such Invaluable Access!


...Access? -let's talk about what you

have access to right now


79 High Definition, Short and Strategic Videos for you (for live-streaming and/or

downloading and even dvd shipped links)


Over 85 Professional-Studio Backing Tracks For Each Lesson (Most Backing Tracks

Provided in 3 Different Keys Each For MAX Practice -Also With and Without Guitar



• 100% Fully Accurate Professional Tabs and Standard Notation For Every Lick

and Solo


• All Solos Have a Special New Feature - Super Slow Video Versions (You'll get 25%

speed of the original solo on video, virtually perfect quality)


• Direct Communication and Access To 100's of Guitarists Just Like YOU Who are

There Helping Each Other in the Live Forums and Comments Below EACH Lesson

Right Now!


(... Imagine having ALL other guitarists together INSIDE a fancy members-only portal with

100's of HD Videos, Tabs, Backing Tracks and other tools and resources at your fingertips)


This is Truly a Historic Guitar Package For Sizzling Guitar Licks - And FOR YOU!


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Pricing Before it's GONE!

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DVD Plus Companion Cd-Rom

17 Full Solos - Country, Blues and Ballad

Accurate Tabs and Studio Backing Tracks

Super Slow Video Versions For Each Solo

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Over 50 Easy to Follow  Videos

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Full Tabs Book Printed - Shipped


Within 10 Minutes, Your Account Will be Set up and You Will Receive an Email With Your

Login Information to Your Own Members-Area Dashboard With ALL of This and MUCH More!

Within 10 Minutes, Your Account Will be Set up and You Will Receive an Email With Your

Login Information to Your Own Members-Area Dashboard With ALL of This and MUCH More!

Get ALL The Massive Amounts of Lessons, Free Bonuses, and

Instant VIP-Status Inside The Pillars of Soloing!


Hurry Today and Get The #1 Guitar Soloing System on The Planet!

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Want Proof? Check Out What Other

Members Are Saying Every Day!

"Doug – I am working through this stuff SLOWLY, but I have to tell you this is of the highest quality, both musically and content-wise, and it is well presented. You provide a great product at affordable prices. Thanks Vince O. Ervin C. Hey Doug, I just wanted to touch base and let you know that I've been going through some of the 35 jam tracks, and I'm telling you, that is some fantastic stuff you put together. If you didn't put out anything more at all, I believe anyone that puts the time and effort into learning half of the material you've put out thus far, can be a seriously good country guitar player. Sometimes I can't believe the transformation in my playing. I'm gonna practice hard and put together a little demo on Facebook, when I feel really brave.....lolol. GREAT STUFF. I can't tell you how much my playing as improved watching all Doug's videos but i know that i am really enjoying playing again. Doug as a great approach to teaching and comes across as a genuine geezer. His videos are like a gym great work out for my fingers and brain. Wow! What a great song to jam with. I’ve had fun jamming with this tune in my comfort zones for years. Well Doug. I can say you’ve obliterated my comfort zones and my playing has soared to new heights. I was at a family reunion a few weeks ago. While jamming with my musical family, a family friend said I was a really good player. I thought “Wow I’ve got him fooled.” Then I realized I was using the pillar system and my solos and fills were just finding their own way. I can’t thank you enough Doug. Thanks for sharing your time and talent. Barry M. Doug its all great everything that you teach. There are two things that stand out the most to me. I now understand the importance of learning all the chord positions on the neck so that they're always at your fingertips no matter where you are on the neck and the importance of right hand technique and the use of left hand vibrato to emphasize sustain and tone. I think you are a master at that. Even when playing triads and full chords I see you many times use vibrato just on one sting of the chord that just adds so much to the tone and sustain of the chord. I hope I’m phrasing this right and you understand what I’m getting at. I’ll never be able to play like you Doug but I am improving and enjoying it more. Keep them coming please. To me, the best thing you’ve done is come into my living room like another friend with a guitar. And although I don’t religiously sit down and practice, practice, practice, I’ve learned a lot from these Pillars. Maybe you don’t realize it at the time, but later on it shows up even if you’re not consciously thinking about it. I’ve always approached licks from the perspective of what the chord relationship is and you’ve shown me more ways and new ways of doing that. Thanks, Doug. Doug, The most important thing I have learned is having the mental image of the chord shape in regards to where I am on the neck. The beauty of this is that you know where the chord tones are so that you can start and resolve phrases in a musical way. Even if you get “too outside” you can get back to something solid and resolvable. The other big thing is that you de-emphasize music theory and focus on “hearing” what sounds good. I’m referring to the way you taught the use of the diminished and augmented scales way back in, I believe, the end of pillar one. It’s too easy to get hung up for years trying to learn theory instead of trusting your ear. Lastly, another vital concept you taught me is starting to play a lead that outlines the next chord in the changes just before the change happens to create anticipation and excitement in one’s playing. Keep up the good work Doug! Keep the lessons coming. Kevin About 2 years ago, I wanted to take my guitar playing to the next level and bought a Tele and ran across your you tube videos. Bought the big package and still working my way through it. LOL But when the “Triads Mindset” hit my mailbox it all clicked. And now with the Pillars it is "poppin’ and “clicking”. Thanks Brother! You have it right there in simple form and I heard you say it…."There ain’t no wrong notes , it just works! "To coin a phrase “DE-Complicated!” In other words? FUN! Great stuff! Hey Doug I just did my first video ever of me doing one of your songs from the the three pillar series! I am learning so much and loving it you are the best teacher I ever had thanks so much! Bob F. "Hi Doug: One of my main requirements from the Pillars courses was to UNDERSTAND what I was doing. By that I mean, what scale am I using at present, how do I move from scale to scale position etc. The lessons, especially Pillars 2 and 3, fully answered those questions. Also, the method of your presentation was excellent i.e. solo, and then a specific lesson relating to that solo. Also, the Pillars related very well to each other. Well done!! Brian" Doug, THIS is what I’ve been hoping for with the Pillars! Wooo!!!!!! I forsee some sore fingers in my future…. Dude! That was crazy! I have all your videos and lessons. I always think to myself “There is no way he can come up with something else.” However, you do every time and I am very very thankful for your time and for opening up so many doors for me with my playing. Doug Seven for Prime Minister! I’m in Canada eh! As I’ve said before and especially with the 3 Pillars, “every time I learn a new lick from Doug, I write a new song.” Great stuff Doug. I used to see and hear solos like this and get frustrated with my lack of understanding as to how solos should be structured. Thank you so much for putting out the 3 pillars. I can now track the structure of soloing without having my brain turn into radio-active goo… It seems that every time you put out another video series, my confidence in playing gets a little better. I can’t wait to see what’s next. Doug…..pretty cool to see all that you’ve taught us over the years come together…. as I watch you play I see everything in the big picture now…….just awesome stuff…..thank you again……you’re the man!!!!!! Hey Doug…. Love the phrasing techniques! powerful stuff. shows you can still keep things simple and smooth as well as beautiful at the same time... improvising added with the melody is a great way to come up with your own style of playing… these are great lessons. thanks for all your hard work… I truly appreciate it as I’m sure everybody else does as well…keep up the great work…..“God Bless Ya”! Dude I am so going to steal this. I play in the praise team at church and they do a lot of tunes that lend themselves to this type of phrasing. Also wanted to say thanks for turning me on to the hybrid picking. Not a blistering telecaster picker but it has added so much to my playing. Doug rules, by the way. He lays down some incredibly impressive licks/phrases/improvised melodies, This “Pillars” series is a great value. I was fully ready to fork out $$$ for the 3 Pillars! I don’t know how Doug ends up in the black with the incredible value you get with these recent instruction series-es. :D Really good stuff your teaching. Your proof once again that music is a never ending learning experience. Thanks Doug!

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Within 10 Minutes, Your Account Will be Set up and You Will Receive an Email With Your

Login Information to Your Own Members-Area Dashboard With ALL of This and MUCH More!

Within 10 Minutes, Your Account Will be Set up and You Will Receive an Email With Your

Login Information to Your Own Members-Area Dashboard With ALL of This and MUCH More!

Get ALL The Massive Amounts of Lessons, Free Bonuses, and

Instant VIP-Status Inside The Pillars of Soloing!


Hurry Today and Get The #1 Guitar Soloing System on The Planet!

This is The ONLY Guitar Package You'll Ever Need This Year!


Your Secret Weapon is Waiting...

Yes Doug, I Want The Pillars of Soloing For $140

Make Two Monthly Payments of Only $140 Dollars

Yes Doug, I Want The Pillars of Soloing For $280

Make One Payment Today Only $280 Dollars

Here's my PERSONAL guarantee for you; I'm more than 100% confident and certain that this package (as all of my dvds) will inspire, train and TRANSFORM you as a guitarist. In fact, if you go through all the material and tools in this package and don't feel like you're AT LEAST 10-steps closer to being the well-rounded, versatile and capable guitarist than you were before watching, simply send me an email and let me know that it wasn't for you and you didn't get what you were hoping. I will immediately send EVERY PENNY of your money back to you. Thank you for believing in YOURSELF and investing in your music, and letting me provide my BEST to you! I KNOW you're gonna love this! Talk soon, Doug Seven Sizzling Guitar Licks P.O. Box 8 Ashville, Ohio 43103 United States

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