In This Brand NEW Video Course, Doug Seven Teaches You Solid Right Hand Techniques, Double Stops, Hot Fills and Rhythm Transitions, colorful substitution chords and most importantly, HOW and when to use your newfound powers for good and not evil.

5 Golden Ingredients to Mastering

Country Guitar Rhythm!

Finally! Doug Seven's Blueprint To Mastering Modern Country Guitar Rhythm

The 5 Golden Ingredients to MASTERING Your Country Guitar Rhythm


Hey guys, Doug Seven Here...


One of the MOST common questions I am asked is about HOT country rhythm. It's not something you see a lot of guitarist talking about or teaching, but it happens to be one of the most important areas of your guitar playing.


Whether you're in a band full time, on the weekends or maybe you're a studio musician.

No matter where you play or who you play in front of, rhythm playing is something WE ALL have to have a good understanding of this vital area of our playing...


I decided to go ahead and POUR OUT my VERY BEST on this video package. We will not only learn the mental techniques that are essential to playing but the HANDS ON physical methods and EVERYTHING you need to know to be the WELL-ROUNDED musician you want to be!

This DVD is FULL of the BEST Tips and

Advice AS WELL AS Real-Time and

Targeted Practice Modules

Intense Video Course - The FORMULA of country/Blues/southern Rock Rhythm


15 Pages FULL Tabs and Standard Notation - Easy To Follow System


LIVE Backing Tracks REAL-TIME Targeted Practice Sessions W/Doug Seven


Close-Up Cameras on Both Hands

Who Are You?

Which Category of Guitar-Player Best Fits You Right Now?



1.) Maybe you're like MANY others and have bought something before that ends up being

WAY OVER your head and light-years in front of your current skill level?


2.) Maybe you're thinking you're TOO advanced for this type of thing and you already

have a good grasp on the rhythm techniques and don't need any help in this area.



Are You 'Not That Advanced' but In Between Beginning & Intermediate?

If you are NOT as advanced and skilled in Country, Blues and Southern

rock as you would like to be, then This will give you a GIANT leap forward

to being an incredible and versatile guitarist!


Are You Fairly Advanced and Have a Solid

Grasp On Your Rhythm Techniques?

If you've been playing awhile and are pretty comfortable with

your rhythm techniques, this video will give you BRAND NEW

& useful ideas to take what you know to the NEXT LEVEL!

Choose Below to Take Your Rhythm CHOPS to NEW Heights and Become a Well Rounded and Versatile Guitarist In NO TIME!

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