B-Bender EXTREME! Steel Guitar Style Licks, Freaky Tricks,

Fancy Techniques You MUST Know On Your B-Bender!

Here's a 1-HOUR Video Session With Doug Seven -Full of Insiders-Secret Hot Techniques and Licks You HAVE To Know on Your B-Bender. Comes With a Fully Tabbed "Licks/Tricks Only" Section Extra Video

Here's Exactly What You'll Learn Inside;

Section 1 - Chord Inversions and Simple Steel Guitar Style Bends With alt Chords

Some of the more obvious places you would start using a bender would be with regular and 7th chords where the b string's next note is a whole step up... But let me show you some moving shapes that sound really awesome against the root note.

Section 2 - Melodic Chords and Some "Super-Fancy" Bends

Here's some of my favorite chord shapes and inversions of the 7th sounding chords.
Cool phrases with a resolve. Kind of
jazzy and super cool.

Section 3 - Cool 7th Bends with Pull-Offs  

Here's some really cool things you can do while you're in "mid-bend" and "pre-bend situations" --You can hear how this simple technique gives an illusion of 3 and 4 (multiple) different notes being played when there's only 1 string and the bender doing all the work!

Section 4 - 16th Note Double-Stop Bends

In this section, let's do some more tricky and faster licks down the fret-board. This is one of the very 1st things I started doing that really sounded cool in just about anything.
I got this from a great steel guitar player I know here in town.

It sounds a lot like a steel guitar doing the lick. Here's the general idea and the lick can be played without moving it around too much.

Work on this before you try the moving "scale" with this technique. Here's when it gets FUN! Let's do the 7th bluesy examples and then we'll also play the major (prettier) scale.

Section 5 - Melodic Chord Bends with Licks Adding Resolve

Now, let's do some of the real pretty stuff, I want you to experiment with these types of phrases on your own a LOT, but here's some really good ideas to go from.

In The Merle Haggard tune, "That's The Way Love Goes".  This is how I play it. And we ended it with this. Beautiful!

Just work with these movements and you'll come up with some very awesome stuff just tinkering around for a few minutes.

Section 6 - Common Steel-Guitar Intros

 Here's a few ideas you can use for the older country style intros.These are a couple of the most common good Steel-Guitar intros and leads and try them with your bender! Fun stuff.

Section 7 - Crucial Right Hand Techniques

 Here's a few essential right hand techniques that will really help you and inspire you to do more bender work.

* The Double Stops
* Triple Stops
* The "Rake & Hammer" Technique

Section 8 - Harmonics (or, HarmANIACS)

 Another beautiful thing about the bender is that BENDING harmonics are so easy and they REALLY stand out now where before, well, they were "just CHIMES".

There are literally TOOONS of places to explore and experiment with harmonic bending.
Treat yourself to a DAY of finding NEW places and chords that bending harmonics will work. But here's some GREAT places to start from!

Section 9 - If You DARE

 Here's some things that will definitely turn heads if you do it right. Now, if you don't do this correctly, it will sound horrible and like you just made a BAD mistake.

Do it loud, on purpose and fused in with a lick. Maybe throw it in the middle of your solo or very beginning...

Are You Ready To Truly STAND OUT and Command Attention On Stage and in Recordings With All

These Advanced B-bender Tricks You Can Start

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