Shapes Part 3 - Country Guitar Chords

The scales that I’m showing you here in part 3 are more in their entirety and in sequence and not necessarily to be used as complete guitar solo or lead ride.


When learning a new scale or shape idea, the BEST WAY to learn it so that you can apply it, is to learn it everywhere on the neck, and any musical context it needs to be in (like, WHERE does this go in your solo).


The reason these are so great is because they can be broken up into as many small sections as you need at the time. Borrowing notes from these scales is THE KEY!


Add them to your solos you're already playing to spice up and add color to your leads! I show you how in the Hotter Guitar Licks Videos, especially part #3, I show you how to apply the notes in these scales and how to use them in chicken pickin’ to really spice up your overall leads.


The examples in this video will help you get an idea of how these notes can really make a HUGE difference in your sound.


I hope this really OPENS up your mind and you see the potential with just these simple ideas.


The complete shapes series videos (ALL 3 PARTS) is included in it's entirety with the DVD package

"Hotter Licks & Killer One-Liners"

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