Modern Country Guitar TONES Pedals and Settings

(This Tone Video Was Recorded a Few Years Ago... Stay Tuned For a New Update SOON)

Welcome To "How To Get Modern Hot Country and Blues Guitar Tones" What Pedals you need and how to set them to get that Spanky Bite and those Awesome Tones...


I did a similar tone video many years ago, and since then I have recreated and kind of simplified my entire rig, and it sounds better than ever… To me anyway.


Having good guitar tone MAKES you want to practice more and inspires better guitar playing. It also will make you or break you from getting a job whether a live gig with a band or session work in the studios.


In this video, I'm going to show you the TOP pedals you HAVE to have to get that hot modern Nashville country and blues tone.


It's not all what you think; People like to make it SO much harder and more confusing than it really is.


I think that most guys that have great tone don't want you to know what they use because they want to be the ONE with the “magic" formula... And they don't want you to know about it.


Ever hear this? It costs a lot of money to get that famous tone that you hear on Cds and in Nashville… Totally NOT TRUE


You CAN have an expensive 'sounding' rig without expensive gear.


I'm going to show you everything I use and some of the “big cats” use on stage and in the studio and I think you'll be surprised how simple and inexpensive it really can be.


This is what I did... I sat with my guitar and pedals and found my own tones and settings. I compared them to others with my own ears and made needed changes.


Repeat steps above until you have spent some quality time with your gear!


You should always find your own ways with your instruments. This is your own personal voice to make sounds from.


I'm just showing where to start and to get a good idea.


I always say to spend plenty of time and become intimate with your gear...


In this video, I’m going to share my “secret formula” and all the settings of each pedal and the amp settings.


This is Plain and simple “how to get that modern, hot country and famous blues tones FAST & EASY”.


In this video, I made a reference to the OLDER tone video...

Click HERE To Watch It!

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