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3)  SGL Volume 3 (Tons of Modern Techniques and Killer Licks)

4)  SGL Volume 4 (Master Your Right Hand Techniques)

5)  Playing In Circles (Complete Soloing Over Chord Changes)

6)  Hotter Licks Killer one Liners (Famous Heroes Licks and Solos)

7)  Magic of Adding Jazz (Playing Outside the Box, Spice Up Your Lead)

8)  Legendary Licks (Vince Gill Style Licks Tones and FULL Solos)

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Habitual Techniques - Brad Paisley

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3 Videos on 1 DVD with

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Hotter Licks Killer One Liners

(Playing Outside the Box and Soloing)


6 Videos on 2 DVDs +1 Cd-Rom

Tabs and Backing Tracks

Legendary Licks of - Vince Gill

(Style and Technique of Vince Gill with Full Solos)


1 Videos on 1 DVD with

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Playing in Circles

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1 DVD +1 Cd-Rom

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5 Golden Ingredients - Rhythm

(Right and Left Hand Rhythm Mastery)


1 Videos on 1 DVD with

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Magic of Adding JAZZ

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4 Videos on 2 DVD's +1 Cd-Rom Tabs and Tracks +Free Updates

Timeless and Sometimes Twisted

Licks of Roy Nichols

(Great Outside Jazzy and Old-Country Riffs)


1 Video on 1 DVD with

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(Killer Licks and Techniques With Your B-Bender)


1 Video on 1 DVD with Tabs and

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Sizzling Guitar - Volume 4

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1 Video on 1 DVD +Cd-Rom

Tabs and Backing Tracks

Sizzling Guitar - Volume 3

(Killer Licks, Fast Riffs and Practice Secrets)


1 Video on 1 DVD +Cd-Rom

Tabs and Standard Notation -Only $39

Sizzling Guitar - Volume 2

(Double Stops and Secret Fretboard Patterns)


1 Video on 1 DVD with Tabs and

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Sizzling Guitar - Volume 1

(The Hottest Back-to-Back Nashville Licks!)


1 Video on 1 DVD with Tabs and

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~Doug Seven and the SGL Team!

Adam D.


It's going great I did playing in circles, jazz, sizzling... And now vol 3... All of you stuff has help me so much, without you're videos and help I'd never be able to play in the style of chicken picking country jazz...


You are awesome Doug and keep up the good work. Keep em coming!



Sam P.


Hi Doug! Just got your Volume 4! The way you teach by building rhythms and incorporating leads step by step is phenomenal! I've long been able to perform Brent Mason licks but i've never been comfortable improving country at all. I'm pretty sure your stuff is gonna get me on my way! Cheers!



Mitchell S. Doug turned me from being a rhythm guitar player, into a lead player who actually sounds like he knows what he is doing! I fool ninety percent of people into thinking I'm good.



Nelson C. Aylmer, Quebec

Doug, you've done something here that is so awesome. You've opened up and have given access to the world to your excellent guitar teaching methods. Most of us don't live near Brent Mason or Vince Gill, or even Doug Seven! Where do we go when we need to take our guitar playing to the next level?? You my friend!


Thank you for letting us into your mind and sharing your knowledge and great talent!



Doug, I know you like to get emails on your products so let me say this is my fourth dvd I have ordered from you. I have vol.1,2 the Brad Paisley and just got Hotter Licks. your instruction is excellent for intermediate to advanced players. this is hard to find in most instruction as most instructions have a lot more basic with little emphasis on advanced playing.


I like your approach in explaining the basic technique our use and letting us get the concept and develop our own style. the backing tracks alone on your dvd's are worth the money. thanks for your quality instruction, it is really helping me develop into a better player. Dave S.



Just played chords to songs and thought i was a guitar player and i stumbled on to Doug seven and started thinking even retired at 70 i think i can learn to do some of that and to my surprise i have. THANKS DOUG now my hobby is fun again


Your friend

Danny C.


Just had to say THANKS for your help and your ability to teach and INSPIRE is OUT OF SIGHT


Doug -

I've ordered just about every danged product you've created. By watching your teaser video #2, I think I've already kind of discovered this triad thing on my own - BUT - I'm looking forward to greasing it now with your instruction. You've already changed my mindset from years ago when I first discovered your teachings. I'm 57 and have been playing since 13 (took 'Mel Bay' lessons for a few yrs with a guy who played for Tommy Dorsey - he was amazing).


I was always fairly decent - but when I got my head into playing your way - especially the right hand style of using the rest of the fingers, not just holding a pick - it changed everything in every style I play. I think this is going to be your best innovation yet. Thanks for improving this old dog, yet again. Scott T.

Lake Villa IL



Received my two DVD's yesterday. Can't turn them off, great material, insightful, equipping and opens up so many new avenues on my guitar. Thanks for being secure enough and generous to share your talent, skills, and riffs with others. Keep up the great work.


I'm grateful!!  :-)


Rick's iPhone



Hey man i just want to say that i have learned more from watchin you. I struggled for a long time my wife always told me relax relax stop thinkin about it, it never registered until one night after i played a good friend that is a great player told out in the parkin lot "you know what your problem is" i just looked at him blankly cause put his hand on my shoulder and these words "you think to much relax and let the song come to you play the song dont let it play you" my wife laughed and it hit me like a Mack truck she said "thats what i've been tellin him" so the next time i played i tried what a break through.


That was about 6/7yrs ago and it didnt take long to start playin different but back to you i was watchin utube lookin for some new licks and you were the only one that stuck out so i started watchin you. Just want to say thanks for being there, just what i needed.


Hope you and your family have a blessed year.

Jame s.





You've given me just the inspiration, new attitude, and renewed interest I needed to get out of a life-long rut and start playing "outside the box". I actually look forward to practicing rather than dread it !


Just a few sessions with your videos and I'm already noticing improvement.

Thanks again.





Just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed many of your instructional lessons (for free). I was talking to one of my students about you. He said he had bought some of your instructional lessons that you offer. He mentioned that he feels obligated to buy something after all the free stuff you let him see.


Thank you, Paul K.



Hi Doug,

Don’t know if you read these emails but I just want to say that I have bluffed my way through years of playing in bands but have never learnt to do basics such as scales.

The added video you have included with the weekend sale is brilliantly simple but oh so important. I am just going to rush through my household jobs (chores) so my wife won’t moan at me when I lock myself away later on today.


So far I have Playing in circles from you which I can do certain parts and struggle on others. I have now started on Volume 4 of the download yesterday and already my right hand technique is improving in just a few hours.


Also you have introduced me to artists such as Brad Paisley etc that I didn’t know existed but now I’m really getting into this stuff, I’ve bought a Telecaster style guitar, I’ll be getting a knackered baseball cap soon!!


Thank you so much

Kind regards

Paul D.



I’m getting it down, with the help of all your lessons! I can’t believe that I have advanced this far in such a short time


I was already playing before, but didn’t know a thing, but how to copy other players, all my life in bands.


Your lessons has showed me what is going on and what I'm doing now.


And, It feels good too! I can relax and not think about playing notes, it’s in

the feel, and no matter where I go with it, I know where I can land or

resolve, as you say.


I can’t say “Thanks Enough”!!




Hi Doug,


First I want to tell you that you may have changed my entire attitude as a guitar player with the help of your videos on YouTube.


I discovered them by chance and have been glued to them ever since.  It's been less than a week but I have made a promise to myself that I would be diligent about practicing and hope to change my playing by my birthday on May 11th.  I'm older and have played mostly bass all my life (as a side gig) but picked up the guitar here and there in order to better express myself when other band members were not involved.


That's were your videos come in.


They are the best.  I love everything about them - what you present, how you present it, and the techniques you share.  I can say that I see improvement in my playing in less than a week.  Thank you.


Thanks a million, Ed

See You on The INSIDE! DougSeven

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