Habitual Techniques - The Unique Method,

Gritty Tones, Inspiring Guitar Licks and Innovative Style of Brad Paisley

Doug Seven takes this 3 video package and shows you the secret techniques, tones and licks of one of the most influential guitarists of our time. In video 1, Doug shows you some of the methods that Brad Paisley's uses for his incredible technique, how to TRIPLE your speed almost instantly and much more.


In video 2, Doug shows you 30 back-to-back licks that are direct examples IN ACTION using the techniques taught in video 1.


Video 3 shows you how to get a Brad Paisley guitar tone (as close as you would ever want) using effects pedals that you most likely already have, how to set them up in about 5 minutes to get that spanky driving tone he has made so popular!

Here's 1 Simple Brad Paisley Lick and Technique

Get These 3 Videos Now

(The Techniques, The Licks and Tones)!


The Full Lesson Video - Where I teach you these new techniques


The Licks Only Video -30 Great Licks Each Fast and SLOW Examples


The Tones video - I'll show you the pedals and settings to get a Brad Paisley

tone SUPER EASY in 10 minutes or less


Also includes Full Tabs and standard notation for each example!

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