Thank You For Watching The HEROES Video Series and Deciding to Go DEEPER Into The Legendary Style and Techniques of The Most

Sought-After Country Guitarists of All Time!

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DVD 1) The Tones, 30 Licks and Techniques of Brad Paisley

DVD 2) Legendary Licks, Style and Full Solos of Vince Gill

DVD 3) Timeless and Sometimes Twisted Licks of Roy Nichols

DVD 4) and all our Favorite Signature Licks of Don Rich (free download after purchase)


Learn the secret (but easy) methods of one of the

GREATEST mysteries on guitar today, Brad Paisley.


You'll learn HOW to get a Brad Paisley TONE

using the pedals you already have.


You'll learn the exact techniques on how to triple your

speed and how to make ANY lick "sound like" Brad.


You'll also get 30 incredible examples to learn that will

take your licks and solos to a crazy NEW level.


Comes with professional and accurate Tabs for each

note played so you won't miss a single line or phrase.

I Want Habitual Techniques of Brad Paisley Instant Download

I Want The Habitual Techniques of Brad Paisley DVD Shipped


First, I'll show you how to get a (near-exact) Vince

Gill tone with only 3 cheap pedals.


You'll learn how Vince starts and ends nearly ALL of his

licks and solos, so you'll be able to quickly learn from

his awesome approach.


I'll show you many of his MOST famous solos ever,

and exactly how to play them lick-for-lick!


You will be gliding in-and-out of different chord changes and progressions after watching this one.

I Want Legendary Licks of Vince Gill Instant Download

I Want The Legendary Licks of Vince Gill DVD Shipped


You'll learn how Roy Nichols always seemed to stand

out in EVERY lick and solo he played.


-and how YOU can take his techniques and approach

into your own style.


You'll learn FULL solos, turn-arounds and mind-twisting

outside-the-box licks and ideas that you can apply

to what you're playing instantly.


In these 11 short and powerful videos, you'll add some

serious SPICE to your style by learning how Roy Nichols

approached every lick and solo and always turned heads!

I Want Timeless Licks of Roy Nichols Instant Download

I Want The Timeless Licks of Roy Nichols DVD Shipped


Here's ALL Your Downloads From This AMAZING Week of Guitar Heroes!

Thank You SO MUCH For Watching and Enjoying What I Do For YOU!!!


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