In this BEST Selling Video Course, Doug Seven is showing you exactly how to add simple jazz chords and shapes to what you're already playing. It's not a "How to Play Jazz Guitar" DVD, it's more of a, How to ADD some Jazz flavor and play outside the box using simple Jazz phrases and riffs.

Adding Jazz To Your Current Guitar Style

A VERY simple and easy JAZZ system you can use TODAY to REALLY spice up your style

This DVD Has 5 Elements


1. Powerful Video Lessons - Showing you Exactly How To Add Simple Jazz Chords and Shapes To What You're Already Playing


2. Pro Tabs (w/standard notation) for Each Example - PLUS Bonus Full Guitar Solo Improv Jam (Fully Tabbed Out For YOU)


3. Backing Tracks - You'll get to Play Along With Doug Seven and The Actual Lessons


4. #1 Bonus DVD - You'll Get ALL 3 of Our LIVE Guitar Jams Webinars on a Separate DVD (also included for download in your members area)


5. Big Bonus - FREE Members Area! As a customer, you'll have exclusive access to a private page with EVEN MORE Videos, LIVE shows and Updates!

Great JAZZY Guitar Licks From Inside

"The Absolute Fastest Way To Plunge Yourself Into a Fresh and Fun Brand New Level is To Ask Yourself These Questions, Be Honest With Yourself About The Answers, And MOVE Quickly To DO What It Takes, Commit To New Concepts and Ideas"

Are you satisfied with your guitar playing and your approach when you play?

Do you get excited when you hear yourself play?…


Are you impressed when you hear yourself, are you content? Do you feel like that if you had just a couple new and fresh ideas that you could apply to your style right NOW (Today), you could be happier with your playing?


Do you feel like you’re close, very close to discovering a brand new method that would send you to the next level and add to your style and approach? (taking the “boring" stuff and making it shine again)


Do you feel like all you’re lacking is a “system” or feel like you’re JUST ONE “really good” lesson or idea away from knowing something that will really have an impact on your playing?

I really believe that you are close! Because just 1 discovery can plunge you into a NEW level and style!


And if it really only takes ONE good idea, this is your chance to FIND OUT what that idea is for you! This DVD gives you ALL the Ideas, TOOLS and skills that will take you there, and FAST.

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