Playing In Circles Country Soloing Blueprint

This is NOT your average, "here's a lick, there's a lick, and now for another lick" Country Guitar Lessons.


And it's NOT about the "Circle of Fifths" -It IS about YOU, 'PLAYING CIRCLES' AROUND Everyone Else In Your TOWN!


It has been called the best material out there on this subject.


Playing in Circles is a collection of the 4 most popular country guitar JAM songs and chord progressions -specifically made for chicken pickin.


These songs represent the majority of all the BEST country guitar JAMMING and the most FUN to JAM IT OUT to!


Doug teaches you 9 of his best written, FULL and complete solos for you to master. Basically, if you were "just counting licks" at 8 bars each, you would have about 96 smokin' hot single lead riffs!

"So, What Would You Do With a Complete Series of Popular Country Guitar Solos Teaching You The Hottest Modern Chicken Pickin' Solos Over

Multiple 1-4-5 Chord Progressions?"

Over an Hour and 1/2 PACKED FULL of Soloing


A Real Band To Play Along With -Tracks


Professional Tabs and Standard Notation


Free Bonus - Slow Down and Looping Software

It seems you made this video to cover the problems I had, which was really breaking down the notes and scales, and your personal approach used in soloing. I'm really thankful that you took the time to provide your students with this.


You're one of a kind.

Thanks So Much!


I have learned so much with these one-on-one short videos; together with playing in circles. It is slowly sounding like I know something in my playing; Had played it all before - just now it ALL makes sense to me.


Cheers Doug,

Thanks again - Jefferson

Here's Some More Great Soloing Examples

More Inside Playing in Circles

There you have it!....


The Great Lessons, The Licks, The Knowledge and ALL the Tools You'll Ever Need To MASTER The Art of Modern Country Guitar Soloing! Package Comes With Full Tabs, Backing Tracks and Slow Down Looping Software!


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