Right Hand Exercises Double Stops Triple Stops

In this right hand exercises guitar video, Doug Seven shows you the RIGHT WAYS to learn your double stops, triple stops and getting your pick and fingers to work together.


In this free guitar video, you'll learn EXACTLY how to train your right hand and develop one of the MOST IMPORTANT techniques you HAVE to know for hot country and blues guitar!

How To Develop Your Right Hand


What Are Double and Triple Stops?


How to Get Your Fingers/Hands Working Together FAST and EASY!


Easy Guitar Licks and Exercises To Train Your Hands

This is a VERY simple but very powerful method and it WILL help you understand and play the hottest country guitar riffs and licks FAST!


These guitar techniques and methods are EXACTLY how I learned chicken pickin so fast... It doesn't take a LONG time to learn this style but it DOES take effort and a desire to learn it!


You'll find this VERY rewarding if you stick to it for just a little while.


Thanks for watching!

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