Sizzling Guitar Licks Volume 1

Sizzling Guitar Licks Volume 1 will have you playing the hottest and most popular country licks in Nashville in NO time!


When you order, you'll get full tabs and standard notation for each lick.

Also, With the reproduction of this in 2010, we also included smokin' hot real-band backing tracks for EACH lesson to practice with in their FULL intended context!

So, What's In Volume 1?

Your Favorite Brent Mason Licks

In Sizzling Guitar Volume 1, Doug Seven Shows You The Hottest Licks of Brent Mason, Danny Gatton, Albert Lee, Ray Flacke and More!


Also, Every Lick and Example is Fully and Accurately Tabbed with Standard-Notes


PLUS, Each Lesson Has Tailor-Made, Smokin' Real-Band Backing Tracks


Double and Triple Stops, Crosspicking, Blazing Fast and

Clean Hot-Licks

Your Favorite Danny Gatton Licks

Doug Seven Flat-Out Shows You How It's Done!

Chicken Pickin (The Modern Way)


Double Stop Technique Licks


Triple Stop Licks


Hybrid Picking and Right Hand Techniques




Blazing FAST Killer Country Licks and Riffs

Each example is shown in context fast, then slowed way down. This package also includes Tabs, Standard Notation and REAL-BAND Backing Tracks!



You'll Learn The Most Popular Licks and

Styles From GREAT Players Like;


Brent Mason -From His 20+ years On Our Favorite Cds and His #1 Debut Cd "Hot-Wired"


Danny Gatton -Blazing Fast Famous Licks -but SLOWED WAY DOWN


Albert Lee -Favorite Guitar Licks From His Early Days with Ricky Skaggs and Others

When You Order Today You'll Get Accurate Tabs with Standard Notation PLUS Free REAL-BAND Backing Tracks for Each and EVERY Example So You Can Play Along and Really NAIL These Licks and Techniques!

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