Sizzling Guitar Licks Volume 2

In Volume 2, Doug Seven gives you over an hour and 1/2 chock FULL of some of the BEST country guitar chops and techniques you will see anywhere -In no time, you'll be lighting up the fretboard with brand NEW smoking hot licks and techniques.


Learn Longer Phrases That Cover 14 Frets Up The Neck! But Explained in Using a Very Understandable and Simple System! Using These Techniques;

Double Stops (NOT Just Licks, FULL 16 Bar Phrases)


Triple Stops (3 note phrasing)


Timing Techniques (Mixing triplets and 16th notes)


Tabs and Backing Tracks (Right ON The DVD)

When You Order Today You'll Get Accurate Tabs with Standard Notation PLUS Free REAL-BAND Backing Tracks for Each and EVERY Example So You Can Play Along and Really NAIL These Licks and Techniques!

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