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Don't get me wrong; guitar "instructors" aren't teaching you the wrong way on purpose. They just don't know ... honestly. But, also, don't misunderstand... You should still FIRE THEM IMMEDIATELY. I already know I'm going to receive some "fluff" from the "industry" by doing what I'm about to do. But, I'm not too concerned about that because I don't read those emails anyway. What Does This Have to Do With YOU? Well, this past week, you were a part of my FREE Training. "The 3 Steps to Guitar Mastery". I trust that you saw some of the amazing comments below the training videos. But, what you didn't see, were the emails I received! In ONLY 3 short sessions with me, learning this simple, 3-step system, ... a RECORD number of folks were FINALLY able to SEE and PLAY their guitar in way they thought was IMPOSSIBLE before .... just. 3. Short. Videos. Then, some of those wonderful people went on to MORE extensive training inside "The 3-Steps to TOTAL Guitar Mastery" Program. BUT, what about you? Did I forget about you? Am I going to leave you hanging? ...high-and-dry? NEVER. Not Even Close! I think understand why you didn't take my offer for the TOTAL Mastery Program: It may have been too advanced for your current skill level The vast amounts of content and lessons was too overwhelming Maybe you don't have hours upon hours to complete the training The investment (of $200) was a little out of your reach But, remember when I told you, "I Have Your Back"! I'm going to prove that today. Here's the Scoop; I have decided to split the "Beginner's Dream" program off of the more expensive guitar course, and give you ONLY THE LESSONS YOU NEED So you can complete the training in MINUTES a day ...and for a FRACTION of the price I'm going to give you another opportunity to move FORWARD with me Learning some things you will NEVER learn anyone else ...Things about guitar that NO ONE ELSE will show you. How do I know that? ... because no one else KNOWS IT! Listen, I stumbled onto this system by CLAWING my way through TONS of B.S. learning-methods and old, outdated techniques that simply wasn't showing me how to play the way I wanted to play. ...and fast forward YEARS of teaching this to thousands of folks, watching them achieve outrageous guitar abilities and skills, I have come to discover: THIS is The ONLY Way to Learn and PLAY Guitar. PERIOD. Not, "a better way", or, even "the best way to learn guitar", ...But, THE ONLY WAY You Should Learn to Play Guitar! I realize, that's a BOLD and "hypey" statement to make, But REAL results speak louder than anything I could say. Irrefutable-Proof is the best argument. So, here's what I want you to do ... RIGHT NOW, TODAY. ... As soon as you're finished reading this email. (#1) Simply, Enroll in the Beginner's Dream Guitar Course! ...and Get This Training For Yourself. Give it a try. (#2) Watch the lesson videos, tools and materials, (#3) Follow along with the training, read the tabs, (#4) play along with the real-band backing tracks, Spend just a few minutes with this system on YOUR OWN time. Give me a chance to SHOW YOU this system. You can OWN this ENTIRE Beginner Guitar DREAM system WITHOUT paying $200.00 dollars. Or Even Close to That! When this is released to the public and on my website later this year, it will EASILY cost over $100.00 dollars. ...and it WILL be worth much more than that! But, you have already proven to me that you're serious by being with me during the free-training last week. So, I'm going to give you 50% percent OFF The Beginner's DREAM, and practically GIVE it to you for only ONE PAYMENT of $47! Yep, all 4 Modules. Own it For LIFE. This is the END of "traditional" Guitar Lessons ...and ENDLESS hours that only end up costing you THOUSANDS of Dollars and YEARS for NOTHING Here's How it's Going To Look: MODULE 1 - INDUCTION Learn The Easy-to-See-and-Understand Framework around Your Chords and How to Strum (the right way) How Those Chords Connect and the Relationship of Your Chords So You Can PLAY Your Favorite Songs Instead of Endlessly Learning "About" How to Play Different Ways to Play the Chords, For Different Styles of Songs Secret "Substitutions" and Alternate Chord Shapes MODULE 2 - INGENUITY Learn How to Effortlessly and Easily FLOW and Glide Through Chord Changes Without Stopping to Reposition Your Hands The Simple TRICK to Changing Chords By Only Moving 2 Fingers Discover NEW Timing and Strumming Patterns Without Breaking the Flow of the Song or Rhythm Transition Licks That Bridge the GAP Between Chord Changes That Make You Sound Like a Professional Studio Musician MODULE 3 - INFLECTION Learn How Doing/PLAYING Less is Actually the KEY to Playing the BEST Rhythm ... Yes, playing LESS is the secret to the BEST rhythm sound I'll Show You My Secret Triad-Trifecta Technique That You Can Use ALL the Way Up and Down the Fretboard Without Confusion or Wondering Where You Are or Where You're Going. You're Going to SEE the Whole Guitar Picture, in High-Def, and You'll Actually Have Hundreds of "CHOICES", Instead of Limitations MODULE 4 - INTERLEAVING The Method of Interleaving is the SINGLE-MOST Effective and Profound Way to Learn ANYTHING, Not Just Guitar. ... Proven Time and Again to TRIPLE Your Skills, Abilities and RETENTION in 1/3rd of the Time! Everything you'll learn in this program will be with you FOR LIFE. I'll Show You my Secret/Proven Method to Remembering EVERYTHING You'll Learn From this Point on Short on Time? Along with the regular training videos, you'll be getting short, 5-minute domination video-exercises where we'll practice the lessons together in just 5-minute sessions! You can access ANY and ALL the materials whenever you want. Everything is uploaded to your very own, private login portal where you can watch the videos (like YouTube) and/or download the materials for when you're offline to watch and keep on ANY device in ANY country and at ANY time, day or night. And just like the other class, this is LIMITED seating and not everybody will be granted access. I want to keep this class a little smaller so that I can help you with your individual needs as a new and PROGRESSIVE guitarist. Okay Doug -- I've Heard Enough! How Do I Enroll For This Amazing New Class without the overwhelm? Just CLICK THE YELLOW BUTTON BELOW >>> Fill out the Secure Form Check Your Email For Your Login Information! That's it! You'll see my personal greeting video telling you what to do next ... and every step of the way, I'll be there for you helping you navigate through the materials at YOUR OWN pace. Just Click Below, Follow the Steps and I'll See You INSIDE Your Member's Only Portal Where We'll Move Forward, TOGETHER, and in no time, you'll be learning this system and playing your guitar in ways you didn't even know existed In a few weeks from now, you'll look back on this day and remember it as "the BEST musical decision I ever made". Thank you for being a part of my life and sharing this journey together, Doug Seven P.S. As soon as we reach the specific number of students enrolled in the Beginner's Dream Class, This NEW Offer Will Disappear and Won't Be Offered Again until Later this Year when the Price is DOUBLED. Get This TODAY.... Even if you don't have time to go through the course right now, You'll have this for LIFE, and own it for later when you do have some time to go through it! ...and You're Getting it at 50% percent OFF today. Don't Pay DOUBLE later. Just Click The Button Below and Fill out the Secure Form Check Your Email For Your Login Info and Details about the Training!

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