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The Holy Grail is a collection of 7+ years of guitar courses that Doug Seven created.


The DVD bundle on this page is the EXACT same video, materials and all the tools that have resulted in thousands of almost unbelievable written testimony's and hundreds of outstanding VIDEOS uploaded by Guitarists that say they knew absolutely nothing about Hybrid Picking, Chicken Pickin', Double Stop, Triple Stops and the fusion of Country and Blues before they watched these videos!


The Holy Grail Guitar Package is the ONLY one of it's kind that has resulted in an untold amount of REAL people uploading their (unsolicited) video-results to Youtube and various other places to SHOWCASE their abilities.


Since re-releasing this package: Doug has added TONS and TONS of extra bonus guitar video-courses and all kinds of added tools and materials to help YOU get EVEN better results in 1/10th of the time it took everyone else


... (and for HALF what they paid)!


Simply Put; It's BETTER than it's EVER been –and It's Only Going to Keep Growing!


In fact, if you don't experience the same or BETTER results and FASTER, there's a 100% percent money-back refund for you –and you won't even have to return anything...



So, Here's Everything You're Getting TODAY

The Classics - Bundle #1

Retail: $134

VOLUME 1 - Learn The Absolute Hottest Licks Played in Nashville TODAY, Not 25 Years Ago


  • Learn The Right and Left Hand Technique For Each Lick
  • Know Where and When To Play These In your Solos
  • You'll Get Slowed Down Examples For Each Lick Played
  • Killer Backing Tracks (Full Band) For Each Example
  • Also Comes Fully Tabbed and Standard Notation

VOLUME 2 -Tons of Nashville Style RUNS and Licks


  • How to CONNECT Fretboard Patterns in Hybrid/Country
  • Play Killer Runs From the 1st Fret to The 21st Fret!
  • Learn The Right and Left Hand Technique For Each Lick
  • Backing Tracks For Each Example
  • Also Comes Fully Tabbed and Standard Notation

VOLUME 3 - Smokin' Licks and Easy Alternative Chord Shapes That Only "Sound" Hard Are Easy


  • How to Practice Correctly and Avoid Bad Habits!
  • Learn My Famous Song "Burp-Rag" Note -or-Note
  • "Best Backing Tracks" - Favorite Songs to JAM With
  • Also Comes Fully Tabbed Plus Slow-Down Software For the Tracks and Licks Standard Notation on Separate CD-ROM

VOLUME 4 - Master Your Right Hand Technique and TONS More Advanced "Sounding" Licks Full Runs


  • How to Take Easy Chords and Rhythms and Turn Them Into FLAMING Hot and Blazing Licks and Solos!
  • The #1 Secret BRAD PAISLEY Soloing Technique
  • Licks From Brent Mason, James Burton and Danny Gatton
  • Comes Fully Tabbed and Standard Notation on CD
  • Slow-Down Software For the Tracks and Licks
The Favorite's - Bundle #2

Retail: $147

Hotter Licks and Killer One-Liners - 3 Videos in One


  • Learn The Best Licks of ALL Time and The Exact Method with
  • Full Solos and Turn-Arounds To Steal and
  • Real-Band Backing Tracks on Separate CD
  • Every Note Professionally Tabbed and Standard Notation too
  • The TOP 4 of All-Time Customer Favorites

Playing in Circles - Full Solos to Steal Teaching You The Easy Soloing Method to Make it Super Easy!


  • Over 96 Licks and Strategic Full-Solos!
  • Plus, The Method Behind Each Lick and Solo
  • Full Songs -Real Band Backing Tracks on Separate CD
  • Comes Fully Tabbed and Standard Notation
  • Slow-Down Software For the Tracks and Licks

The Magic of Adding a Pinch of Jazz to Your Current Style PLUS "Doug Seven LIVE" Jams!


  • an Easy Jazz "System" You Can Use in Your Style Now
  • Play OUTSIDE the BOX and Break Out of The RUT With These Easy "Enhancements" to What you're Already Playing!
  • Full Licks and Runs That Will Make You STAND OUT
  • Tabs and Backing Tracks Plus Tabs and Standard Notation
The HEROES - Bundle #3

Retail: $127

Habitual Techniques, Tones and Licks of Brad Paisley - 3 Videos in One


  • Video #1 - you'll Learn How to Get a Biting Paisley Tone Using the Effects Pedals You Already Own!
  • Video #2 - I'll Show you His #1 Techniques For Crafting and Playing Every Lick and Solo He Plays!
  • Video #3 - 30 Different Brad Paisley Style Licks
  • Fully Tabbed and Standard Notation

Legendary Licks of Vince Gill


  • You'll Know How to Get TONE Like His Use it In Your Setup
  • Learn Vince Gill's Method Behind Playing Everything He Plays
  • FULL Song Solos in His Style and From His best Hits
  • Full Backing Tracks and Tabs For Each Note on CD
  • Another TOP Customer Favorite!

The Timeless and Sometimes Twisted

Licks and Style of Roy Nichols


  • Learn Mind-Twisting Licks and Turn-Arounds He Played with Haggard
  • Full Solos and Single 4-Bar Phrases You Can Add to your Playing
  • Tabs and Standard Notation so you Won't Miss a Note
  • Play The Lessons Along to Real-Band Backing Tracks

Retail: $10

When You Order the Holy Grail Bundle, You're Also Getting My Debut Instrumental Guitar CD!

Mp3 Download Called "SEVEN"!


Definitely a Crowd Favorite

Yours Free Today


Retail: $10

You'll Also Be Getting an Audio CD Download Called "Progressive Sessions" Where I Teach You The Secret Fretboard Patterns

that The Pros Use in Just a Few Minutes, Followed by Great Licks and Full-Run Examples.


Comes With Tabs and Backing Tracks as Well.

Delivered Instantly After Purchase


Retail: $47

THE CORE ELEMENTS of Country Guitar

Full Video Course on The Basics!


Video #1; How to Get a Nashville Telecaster Tone On a Shoe-String budget and With Only 3 Pedals


Video #2; The REAL Scales That ALL Country/Blues and Classic Rock Guitarists Play and Use


Video #3; How To Apply These Scales to Totally OWN the Fretboard and Glide Around the Neck with No Hesitation


Retail: $39

My 30-Minute Video Crash-Course Called

"The Simple Soloing System" With Killer

Backing Tracks and Tabs!



You'll Learn How The Entire Fretboard Connects and

How to Create Tasteful Solos Over ANY Chord

Progression and Any Style


Zero Theory and Zero Confusion!


Retail: $29

Our Favorite/Famous DON RICH Licks


Learn the Most Famous Licks, Intros, Solos and Turn-Arounds From one of the Most Influential Players of All Time, Don Rich.


This is a Great 4 Part Video Course to Complete Your Heroes Bundle You're Already Getting!


Tabs and Backing Tracks Too


Retail: $29



Here's Another Free Video Course Where I am Personally Walking You Through Short, Easy, 5-Minute Right Hand

Lick Exercises That Will Get Your Right Hand

Technique Developed in Record Time!


Comes with 5-Minute Daily Videos and Backing Tracks

to Practice with on Your own Time!

HUGE Mega Bonus #7!

Retail: $97

Within Seconds, You'll Receive Your Login Details in Your Email Inbox

Every Lesson is Easy To Locate For Streaming or Watching Live or Downloading to Your Computer

Never Worry About Losing Your Downloads Again! It's ALL Together, In One Place Now!

Browse, Stream and Easily Navigate Through Every Sizzling Video Lesson, Tabs and Tracks Beautifully Presented in Short Bite-Size Video Chunks and Chapters For You

You're Getting All 10 of These Best Selling Sizzling Guitar Licks Products:


1)  Sizzling Guitar Volume 1 (Hottest Nashville Licks and Tricks)

2)  Sizzling Guitar Volume 2 (Double/Triple Stops and Fretboard Secrets)

3)  Sizzling Guitar Volume 3 (Tons of Modern Techniques and Killer Licks)

4)  Sizzling Guitar Volume 4 (Master Your Right Hand Techniques)

5)  Playing In Circles (Complete Soloing Over Most Popular Songs)

6)  Hotter Licks Killer one Liners (Famous Heroes Licks and Solos)

7)  Magic of Adding Jazz (Playing Outside the Box Spice Up Your Lead)

8)  Legendary Licks (Vince Gill Style Licks Tones and FULL Solos)

9)  Habitual Techniques (Brad Paisley Style 3 Videos in One)

10) The Timeless Licks (and Twisted Style of Roy Nichols)

Plus These Bonuses All Uploaded

to Your Personal Members Area:


The Licks and Style of Guitarist Don Rich Video Series

(to complete your heroes bundle, tabs and tracks too)


The Core Elements of Country Guitar Video Series

(to help you with the complete understanding of this style)


Crash Course to Easy Soloing System Video Series

(how to connect all the licks together and create solos)


Easy Right Hand Domination Exercise Videos

(to train your right hand hybrid picking easy and fast)


Debut Guitar CD, SEVEN

(get to hear all these licks and lessons in action!)


Progressive Sessions CD

(fretboard patterns and 100 ways to play simple scales)

You're Getting Lifetime Login Access

to Your Own Personal Lesson Hub!


Everything is uploaded to an easy to navigate, customer hub where you can

watch all the videos on ANY device or computer or download them to watch later.

Yes Doug, I'm Ready to Get ALL This Today!

Tens of Thousands of Guitar-Playing Testimonials

Adam D.


It's going great I did playing in circles, jazz, sizzling... And now vol 3... All of you stuff has helped me so much, without you're videos and help I'd never be able to play in the style of chicken picking country jazz...


You are awesome Doug and keep up the good work. Keep em coming!



Sam P.


Hi Doug! Just got your Volume 4! The way you teach by building rhythms and incorporating leads step by step is phenomenal! I've long been able to perform Brent Mason licks but I've never been comfortable improving country at all. I'm pretty sure your stuff is gonna get me on my way! Cheers!



Mitchell S. Doug turned me from being a rhythm guitar player, into a lead player who actually sounds like he knows what he is doing! I fool ninety percent of people into thinking I'm good.



Nelson C. Aylmer, Quebec

Doug, you've done something here that is so awesome. You've opened up and have given access to the world to your excellent guitar teaching methods.


Most of us don't live near Brent Mason or Vince Gill, or even Doug Seven! Where do we go when we need to take our guitar playing to the next level?? You my friend!


Thank you for letting us into your mind and sharing your knowledge and great talent!



Doug, I know you like to get emails on your products so let me say this is my fourth DVD I have ordered from you. I have vol.1,2 the Brad Paisley and just got Hotter Licks. your instruction is excellent for intermediate to advanced players. this is hard to find in most instruction as most instructions have a lot more basic with little emphasis on advanced playing.


I like your approach in explaining the basic technique our use and letting us get the concept and develop our own style. the backing tracks alone on your DVD's are worth the money. thanks for your quality instruction, it is really helping me develop into a better player. Dave S.



Just played chords to songs and i thought i was a guitar player and i stumbled on to Doug seven and started thinking even retired at 70 i think i can learn to do some of that and to my surprise i have. THANKS DOUG now my hobby is fun again


Your friend

Danny C.


Just had to say THANKS for your help and your ability to teach and INSPIRE is OUT OF SIGHT



Doug -

I've ordered just about every danged product you've created. By watching your teaser video #2, I think I've already kind of discovered this triad thing on my own - BUT - I'm looking forward to greasing it now with your instruction. You've already changed my mindset from years ago when I first discovered your teachings. I'm 57 and have been playing since 13 (took 'Mel Bay' lessons for a few yrs with a guy who played for Tommy Dorsey - he was amazing).


I was always fairly decent - but when I got my head into playing your way - especially the right hand style of using the rest of the fingers, not just holding a pick - it changed everything in every style I play. I think this is going to be your best innovation yet. Thanks for improving this old dog, yet again. Scott T.

Lake Villa IL



Received my two DVD's yesterday. I can't turn them off, great material, insightful, equipping and opens up so many new avenues on my guitar. Thanks for being secure enough and generous to share your talent, skills, and riffs with others. Keep up the great work.


I'm grateful!!  :-)


Rick's iPhone



Hey man i just want to say that i have learned more from watching you. I struggled for a long time -That was about 6/7yrs ago and it didn't take long to start playing different but back to you i was watching Youtube looking for some new licks and you were the only one that stuck out so i started watching you. Just want to say thanks for being there, just what i needed.


Hope you and your family have a blessed year.

Jame s.





You've given me just the inspiration, new attitude, and renewed interest I needed to get out of a life-long rut and start playing "outside the box".


I actually look forward to practicing rather than dread it !


Just a few sessions with your videos and I'm already noticing improvement.

Thanks again.




Hi Doug,

Don’t know if you read these emails but I just want to say that I have bluffed my way through years of playing in bands but have never learned to do basics such as scales.


The added video you have included with the weekend sale is brilliantly simple but oh so important. I am just going to rush through my household jobs (chores) so my wife won’t moan at me when I lock myself away later on today.


So far I have Playing in circles from you which I can do certain parts and struggle on others. I have now started on Volume 4 of the download yesterday and already my right hand technique is improving in just a few hours.


Also you have introduced me to artists such as Brad Paisley etc that I didn’t know existed but now I’m really getting into this stuff, I’ve bought a Telecaster style guitar, I’ll be getting a knackered baseball cap soon!!


Thank you so much

Kind regards

Paul D.



I’m getting it down, with the help of all your lessons! I can’t believe that I have advanced this far in such a short time


I was already playing before, but didn’t know a thing, but how to copy other players, all my life in bands.


Your lessons has showed me what is going on and what I'm doing now.


And, It feels good too! I can relax and not think about playing notes, it’s in the feel, and no matter where I go with it, I know where I can land or

resolve, as you say.


I can’t say “Thanks Enough”!!




Hi Doug,


First I want to tell you that you may have changed my entire attitude as a guitar player with the help of your videos on Youtube.


I discovered them by chance and have been glued to them ever since. It's been less than a week but I have made a promise to myself that I would be diligent about practicing and hope to change my playing by my birthday.


That's were your videos come in.


They are the best.  I love everything about them - what you present, how you present it, and the techniques you share.


I can say that I see a HUGE improvement in my playing in less than a week. Thank you.


Thanks a million, Ed

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