Doug Seven explores the famous and innovative style of one of everyone's favorite guitar heroes, Roy Nichols!


You'll learn FULL solos and mind twisting outside-the-box licks and ideas that you can apply to what you're playing instantly.


In these 11 short and powerful videos, you'll add some serious SPICE to your style by learning how Roy Nichols approached every lick and solo and always turned heads!

Holy $@%! This Roy Nichols stuff was so relevant to me thank you so much for posting this!


After hours and hours, and playing this over and over and over to infinity… I’m finally getting it!!!

I never thought I would be able to do this kind of playing.


Doug, you’ve created a monster (not saying I’m a monster player.) But I’m starting to realize I can be a guitar player for real.


I’m a songwriter, but I have always wanted to play like this and didn’t think it was possible… until now! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Dave M. (Oh, by the way… did I say thank you?)


Ok this what I’m talkin’ about... the classic players… I used to go see Merle and Roy a lot as a boy…..he and Don Rich were my favs I believe


I can’t believe how awesome these old school country guys are!

I’ve got a bunch of hot rod Nashville stuff-and that stuff is great-but this is more melodic


-I’m learning things I’ve never heard before -I’m 60 yrs old-thought I heard everything worth playing(kidding)-this is completely new territory for me-you are awesome to share these fantastic players!-thanks so much!-never would have found it on my own -love the website


Doug, these are great! I like how you are starting to show runs in shorter bursts of phrases. I find it easier to learn that way if I don’t have to tax my little brain to remember too many notes at one time. I like learning in short bursts then putting it all together once I’ve mastered each phrase of the run.


I’m already learning a huge amount! Super excited about this! Thanks Doug keep making these great lessons… I’m coming from a Rock/Blues guitar discipline so I’m relatively new to the concept of changing to fit each chord and other methods of the country style but I love country and this style of playing. I’ve found your previous videos invaluable to learning this style! Keep em coming Doug, you have a huge fan from Ireland!


I like the direction that you are going, I heard a Roy Nichols lead on working man blues by Haggard that sounds fun


I am a younger guy and I must say that if younger people don’t learn these things, they are missing out on some great riffs. Not everything has to be hard heavy hitting rock, right?


Doug, you really are an awesome teacher. The Nichols stuff is great. I’m sure with your wide fan base some of the younger guitarist my not realize why anyone might want to know how to play this type of guitar.


The more I watch your videos, the more I appreciate your no-fluff teaching style. You get right down to the good stuff with just enough explanation. Thanks again!


Very nice Doug. It’s refreshing to hear riffs from players like Roy Nichols who mix some jazz stuff like diminished and augmented phrases in with the blues and country licks. Got some nice stuff out of this one. Thanks, John

I wish I could tell you how IMPORTANT it is to YOUR playing to learn the licks and techniques of these classic heroes! If you want to really go to NEW levels, no matter what style or level you play currently, then getting ALL these famous and influential pioneers' licks and solos in your hands is KEY to moving forward with your playing!

Continue Your Journey To Being a Well-Rounded and Confident Guitarist By Getting Some Legendary and Out-Side-The-Box Ideas!

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