Here's My #1 Favorite Guitar AMP On the Planet - The JEDAMP

Video #1

Tone - on a Budget

Video #2

Tone - Not on a Budget

Video #3

My Favorite Piece of Gear

If you EVER Thought of Being In The Market For

a Totally New and Modern Sound, This is Where

You STOP Looking!

John Cittadino, a very good friend of mine, that happens to make MY #1 Favorite Guitar Amp on PLANET EARTH... He quietly sponsored the entire Triads Mindset Program and other video series' I've done.


He provided me with his best JEDAMP and really hasn't expected anything in return...


Well, if you know me at all, I take pride in GREAT people with GREAT talent, that also are incredibly generous with their gift!


You OWE IT to YOURSELF to at least visit his website or give him a call.


If not, at least share his information on your Facebook page and any other "word-spreading" sources you use online!

Tell Him Doug Seven Sent Ya!


Call John and Chat! (760) 717-2743

Hand Made in Loveland, Colorado


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