Doug Seven breaks down the tones, techniques, famous licks and full solos of legendary guitarist Vince Gill in this NEW video. In video package, Doug will show you some of the most famous guitar licks and techniques of one of everyone's ALL TIME Heroes!

The Legendary Licks of Vince Gill

"Doug Seven Breaks Down the Tones, Techniques,

Famous Licks and Full Solos of Legendary Guitarist

Vince Gill in This NEW video Package"

Vince Gill was one of the FIRST guitarists that made me want to learn this style of guitar. In this video, I will break down the MAIN thinking patterns and where he starts and ends 99% of his guitar leads.


I'll show you FULL Lead Solos with Accurate Guitar Tabs (over 10 full pages) and professional "Real-Band" Backing Tracks to play along with (full speed and half speed)...

Dear Doug,

My band plays about 3-4 Vince Gill songs on the weekends, this DVD was MY LAST HOPE for learning the CORRECT WAY to play Vince's solos for a few of the tunes!


Needless to say, I'm writing a HUGE THANK YOU, and I'll definitely be recommending you to everyone in town Doug! You're the best, Ron M.


The Vince Gill video is a WINNER Doug! Thank you SO much for all you do and keep up the outstanding work!


This is gonna keep me busy (and happy) for a long time! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Vince Gill Video! Thank you for doing this!!!


You keep on getting better and showing us BETTER things all the time Doug... When are you gonna run out of these great lessons?


Hey Doug, about the new Vince video, I love the way you break down the scales that he plays from and the solos were fantastic.

thx doug! Marc

Here's What You're Getting!


How Vince Gill "Thinks" and Where He Starts and Ends 90% of His Lead Solos And

How YOU Can Apply The Techniques to Your Own Style


4 FULL Guitar Solos Crafted From His Most Famous Hit Songs Learning These Solos and Licks Within Will Equip You With SO MANY Other Skills You Can Use NOW!


100% Accurate Tabs (with standard notation) So You'll Never Wonder Again What Fret

or Position He Was Playing From


REAL BAND Backing Tracks - Practice the New Solos (Full Speed and 50% Half Speed

So You Can Learn Each Example With Perfect Accuracy!)

Discover The Licks, Play the Full Solos and Learn How YOU Can Incorporate The Smooth Style of Vince Gill Into Your Playing TODAY!

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